Terms of condition

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1- SERVICE MASTER PLUMBERS propose to furnish all the material and perform for all the labor necessary for the spot Repair Plumbing/sewer /drain
2- Any additional work being performed, all terms will be explained and agreed upon in writing.
3- LIMITED WARRANTY: All Materials, parts and Equipment are warranted by the manufactures or suppliers written warranty only. All Labor performed by the above named company is warranted for 30 days or as otherwise indicated in writing.
4- All material is guaranteed to be  as specified above, All work will be completed according to standard  practice and in a good workmanlike manner.
5- The following terms apply to all work performed by sina plumbing Inc.
6- Your Responsibilities: you agree to Remove any hazards, obstructions or dangerous conditions around the job site caused by our work.
7- Exceptions to our Responsibilities: We are not responsible for personal injury, property damage or other damage or loss to you or other arising out of our work (If we encounter such a condition, we may stop work, and you will pay us a reasonable charge for the work performed
8- WE DISCLAIM ANY IMPLED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILTY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE :YOU May transfer a guarantee of plumbing repair replacement to a person who purchases the property, your transfer must present the warranty claim to sina plumbing Inc. at the time we perform our work.
9- PAYMENT TERMS: When you provide a check as payment you authorize to use information you check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction. If you fail to pay us any amount when due ,we will charge you interest on amount due at the of  3.5% per mount. You will reimburse  us for the reasonable attorney’s fees we incur in all stage of collection .
10-The terms and conditions for cancellation
If for any reason the customer has to cancel after authorizing the job over the phone or after signing the paperwork, the customer has to pay for the service charges and estimation fees and anything that is stated in the terms and conditions. This also includes the shipping and handling of parts and a cancelation fee of $195 with a $100 check return/credit card transaction fee. If the costumer cancels the day of the job, these conditions will apply. After signing the contract the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of cancellation.
HERE I authorize these services and agree to Terms and conditions.

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